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Harm of Soil Acidification and Its Control

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Summary : In recent years, due to the continuous deterioration of the environment and the long-term excessive use of physiological acidic fertilizers and chemical nitrogen fertilizer, soil acidity is increasing and accumulating, the soil acidification phenomenon. Here we come to understand the hazards of soil acidification and prevention methods.

  Due to the long-term excessive use of physiological acid fertilizers and chemical nitrogen fertilizer, soil acidity increasing and accumulating, soil calcium and magnesium and other alkaline substances by crop absorption or leaching and reduce the lack of necessary supplementary regulation, the soil acidification phenomenon. Soil acidification in the end how much harm, the following we have to analyze!

 Soil acidification can inhibit root development: soil acidification can aggravate soil compaction, make root extension difficult, weak rooting, weak seedling, easy to form old trees . Increased soil acidification of pesticide waste: acidification of plants in the soil weakened, disease resistance is reduced, susceptible to disease infection, had to increase the amount of pesticide application.

 Soil acidification can lead to: most of the absorption of trace elements in the utilization rate. Soil acidification led to serious loss of fertilizer, fertilizer utilization rate of less than 30%. Soil acidity not only makes 70% of nitrogen loss, but also make 60-80% of the easy to produce insoluble substances can not absorb phosphorus and potassium components, coupled with acid causes weak root growth and nutrient absorption and utilization of its own low, the result is extensive use of Fertilizers, crop growth is slow, more diseases, low yield, poor quality, resulting in increased input, significantly reduced benefits.

 Soil acidification can lead to: crop malnutrition, lack of serious disease, such as apple bitter pox, red spots, nodules, leaves, mosaic, fruit rust and pear iron head, spots, chicken feet India and other diseases and viruses Disease frequently occurs. Trees weak resistance, susceptible to erosion, with no good medicine can not control the occurrence of disease! Immunity is poor, weak resistance, disease outbreak. Due to soil acidification, the soil micro-ecological environment changed, the rhizosphere harmful microorganisms multiply in acidic conditions, and these diseases are difficult to control.

 Soil acidification can lead to the change of beneficial microbial population in the soil, the growth of bacteria is small and the speed of growth and reproduction is reduced. The main microorganisms such as decomposing organic matter and protein are Bacillus, Actinomycetes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and related fungi, Affecting the virtuous cycle of nutrients, resulting in agricultural production. In particular, acid rain can reduce the number of ammoniated bacteria and nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil, so that the ammonification and nitrification capacity of soil microorganisms decreased, greatly disadvantageous for crops.

 Soil acidification hazards so serious, what good control methods?

 Application of lime, calcium acid. Application of lime, a regulation of acid calcium supplementation, regulation of acid, can increase the effectiveness of nutrients, so adjust the acid (lime) is equivalent to fertilization. After the harvest, the straw weeds to clean up, lush acres of lime 100 kg, tillage, rake uniform.

 Application of organic fertilizer, balance acid. Organic fertilizer has a great buffer, there is regulation of the role of soil pH, long-term application, can balance the acid-base, soil fertility. Cover cultivation, reduce leaching. In agricultural production in the cover of cultivation (mulching and grass cover), reduce the erosion of soil erosion, reduce soil alkaline leaching.

 Soil testing formula, precision fertilization. According to soil and crop demand for soil testing and fertilizer, reduce the amount of fertilizer application, can effectively control soil acidification, the application of nitrogen fertilizer, the choice of ammonium bicarbonate, 2.7 kg of ammonium bicarbonate equivalent to 1 kg of urea.

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