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Radical cure of cucumber root - knot nematode by avermectin

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Summary : Avermectin on cucumber root - knot nematode cure, root - knot nematodes

Root knot nematode cucumber root-knot nematode disease symptoms mainly in the root (lateral roots, fibrous roots) light strain symptoms are not obvious, severe strain is shorter, stunted, poor fruit, leaves yellow, wilting in dry conditions at noon. Will pull out the melon seedling, will find the lateral roots or fibrous roots have different sizes of tumor nodules nodular nodule initial white smooth, after the switch to brown to dark brown, the surface roughness, severe decay. Nodular appearance of no symptoms, autopsy internal visible than the needle slightly larger white pear-shaped body (female,

Worms). And some show beaded occurs, so that the root system thicker, anatomical root knot, will find a small organization within the milky white root knot nematodes. Disease symptoms are not obvious early on the ground, with root damage increased, the performance of the leaves yellow, like lack of water shortage of fat-like, severe case of high temperature performance wilting or dead. Sandy land or continuous cropping of the incidence of heavier.

Cucumber root-knot nematode control At present, only Avermectin, Xing Bo grams of drugs such as line can be control,

In the vegetable growing period found sporadic nematodes exist, can be used 2000 times with abamectin irrigation root chitin for governance,

20-30 days, continuous irrigation. Cucumber root-knot nematode disease prevention and control, can be used per mu with more than 10% fortune 100 ~ 200 kg of soil preparation combined with soil preparation applied to the soil; can also be used per acre with 2 kg of cotton mixed with fine soil into the planting furrow 6 cm below , Through the gas fumigation to kill nematodes; also can use 1.8% abamectin 2500 times liquid root. If nematode damage is found during the growth period, the root can be filled with 50% phoxim 1000 times

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