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Hebei Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group was founded in 1987, located in the beautiful "Zhaozhou Bridge" Scenic Area, Shijiazhuang Zhao County Xingbai Industrial Park. Group after nearly 30 years of arduous pioneering and worked hard, relying on China Agricultural University, Huazhongnongda, Nankai University, Hebei Agricultural University and other research units, from the construction of a single species "corn starch" into now has six subsidiaries (Hebei Xing Bai Biological Technology, Shijiazhuang City Xing Bo Biological Engineering, Shijiazhuang City Gaoke Animal Health Products Co., Ltd., Zhao County Xingbai biological chemical, Zhao County Xingbai Vegetable Oil Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Naiman Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) modern large group Company, at the same time bring their own power plants, sewage treatment plants. Group covers an area of 1,500 acres, has a staff of more than 2,000 people, the total assets of 1.76 billion yuan, sales of 3.1 billion. Of which the production and sales of avermectin in China first, and even the world; about the world's total output of more than one third. Enramycin for its unique production process and the absolute cost advantage to participate in market competition, integrated production and sales in China, with the well-known in the industry with chlortetracycline, the products are exported to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries, has been widely international customers Recognized.

Group has been rated as "high-tech enterprises in Hebei Province," "key enterprises in Hebei Province," "Fermentation Industry Association governing units," "China's animal husbandry industry's most growth potential of the 30 major brands," "China Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Association governing units" "Standing Committee of Hebei Province, animal husbandry and veterinary units" and other honorary titles.

Group set up business schools, to promote full learning, and truly enhance the skills of each employee's work and service quality, lay the foundation for the reserve talent. External services for customers, internal staff services, the formation of an effective learning assessment mechanism, the establishment of an effective incubator mechanism, so that the development of enterprises with unlimited potential to become shareholders and employees to achieve maximum personal value and emotional attribution Of the enterprise aircraft carrier, a supplier, customer satisfaction with the partners, a strong positive development of social energy. In the center of the city, Shennong Mansion Office provides more convenient working conditions for the sales team; the development of six family buildings in Zhaoxian provides better living security for outsiders; the group has a shuttle bus, the employees in the downtown do not have to work Problem trouble; Group has an activity center for staff to provide activities and fitness sites; staff canteen with a variety of food.

Looking to the future, we will seek a greater vision of globalization, give full play to the role of China's bio-industrial base model, our biological industry bigger and stronger, China's Xing Bo into the world Xing Bo.

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