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product name:5% Abamectin B2 (Hingbak line)

5% avermectin EC (Xing Boke line) insecticides high yield of abamectin B2 component, kill soil in the root-knot nematode
Specifications: 500ml * 20 bottles / box 1000ml * 12 bottles / box
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    111.jpg222.jpg333.jpg444.jpg555.jpg国Home patent number: 20121054872932012105478044 

    R & D experience:

    Xing Boke line is a biological pesticide. Avermectin fermentation produced eight active ingredients, Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group researchers in 2011 - a new high-yield avermectin strains, and access to national patents. The high yield of abamectin B1, but also high yield of avermectin B2 component, the researchers through research, the successful extraction of abamectin B2 component, the active component of the nematodes and parasites Prevention and treatment of special effects, international and domestic laboratory applications and reports more. Xingbai Pharmaceutical Group made the first industrial production, and access to two national patents. 

    Avermectin B2 Product:

    Avermectin B2 of the original drug  

    Avermectin B2 EC (without toluene, xylene)  

    Role and characteristics:

    New: biological pesticides, the first domestic, exclusive products; 

    Efficient: rapid and efficient control of nematode development, kill nematode eggs, larvae, adults;

    Promote long: strong penetration, repair root cause, to promote the resumption of rooting crops;

    Safe, high-tech formulations formulations, benzene-free solvent, does not produce injury; 

    Environmental protection: biological agents, the original ecology, no residue, do not pollute the environment.

    The main purpose:

    Designed to kill nematodes. On the root-knot nematode, stem nematodes and other nematodes, parasites have a particularly high killing activity.

    Physical and chemical properties of the original drug:

    Appearance: Abamectin B2 is white or light yellow powder or crystal. 

    Melting point: 155 ° C to 160 ° C.  

    Solubility: slightly soluble in water; above 15 ℃, in toluene, methanol, ethanol, DMF, acetone and other organic solvents, the solubility is extremely high.  

    Stability: PH value of 5.5-7.0 in aqueous solution (25 ℃) in good stability; sensitive to strong acid and alkali; in the first light irradiation will change the structure, yellowing, and then degradation.

    Toxicity: acute oral toxicity LD> 50mg, acute percutaneous toxicity LD> 2000mg, acute inhalation toxicity LC> 2000mg / m3; eye mild irritant, no irritation to the skin, no sensitivity to the skin. According to China's pesticide toxicity grading standards, is a moderate poisonous pesticides.  

    Hing Bo Ke line TM (AVB2) to use:

    Filling root: diluted 3000-4000 times the root, per acre medication 2-4kg. 

    Chong Shi: with water irrigation per acre medication 3-6kg.  

    Soil treatment: transplanted before use, can be sprayed with soil or watering after transplanting crops. 

    Key words:根结线虫防治 地下线虫怎么治
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    Specifications: 10g * 600 bags / barrel 50g * 100 bags / barrel 100g * 50 bags / barrel
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