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product name:Avermectin

5% avermectin EC (Xing Boke line) insecticides high yield of abamectin B2 component, kill soil in the root-knot nematode
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    Packing: 1kg * 25 bags / barrel 5kg * 5 bags / barrel 25kg / barrel

    Production processes:

    Avermectin production is microbial chemical industry, its production process is to Avermans Streptomyces inoculated into the sterilized medium, the use of deep fermentation method, step by step amplification of culture, access to the appropriate amount of sterile air, so that the bacteria The growth and metabolism at a certain temperature, the production of avermectin through biosynthesis, and then through filtration, leaching, evaporation, concentration, crystallization and other processes to obtain the finished product of avermectin.


    On the dry basis, B1 (B1a + B1b) content of not less than 95%, B1 B1a content of not less than 92%.


    This product is white or light yellow crystal, the melting point of 157-162 ° C, the goods soluble in toluene, ethyl acetate, acetone, chloroform, ethanol and other solvents, slightly soluble in hexane and petroleum ether in water solubility is very low (10ug / L).


    Mice by mouth: LD 5013.6-23.8mg / kg rat oral: LD 5010.6-11.3mg / kg no carcinogenic mutagenic effect.

    Role and purpose:

    Avermectin is a class of insecticidal, acaricidal and nematocidal activity of 16 yuan macrolide new antibiotics, it has a novel structure, dual-use characteristics of livestock and poultry, insecticide spectrum is currently reported 84 species , A variety of crops of harmful mites and pests with high biological activity, control of the main objects Pieris, Plutella xylostella, Spodoptera litura, cotton bollworm, tobacco insects, aphids, psylla, peach borer, Leaf flies, gall flies, mites, etc., is also widely used in the treatment of a variety of livestock parasites in vivo, nematodes, insects and mites are flooding activity, mainly for the treatment of gastrointestinal nematode disease, , Skin flies maggot, sheep nose fly larvae, sheep itch mites and pigs, sheep scabies mite disease, with broad-spectrum, high efficiency, low residue and human and animal safety and environmental characteristics. This product is the manufacture of methylamino-avermectin drug substance


    This product is dry, sealed, cool shading conditions can be long-term preservation.

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    Specifications: 10g * 600 bags / barrel 50g * 100 bags / barrel 100g * 50 bags / barrel
    5% A-dimensional salt water dispersible granule (Jun Bai)
    5% A-dimensional salt water dispersible granule (Jun Bai)
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    5% Abamectin B2 (Hingbak line)
    5% Abamectin B2 (Hingbak line)
    5% avermectin EC (Xing Boke line) insecticides high yield of abamectin B2 component, kill soil in the root-knot nematode$Specifications: 500ml * 20 bottles / box 1000ml * 12 bottles / box