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product name:Enramycin premix

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    Specifications: 25kg

    product name:

    Enramycin, ampicillin, and amycin

    Chemical formula:

    A:C107H138N26CL2(2355.33)  B:C108H140N26O31CL2(2345.34)


    Fermented by the microorganism, the fermented material contains enramycin A, B two components, the other is rice bran oil, corn flour.


           Gray-brown powder, smell smelly

          Content: 4% 8%

          Role and purpose:

          Antibiotic drugs. Gram-positive bacteria have a significant inhibitory effect, can promote the growth of poultry and livestock.


    Laying period is disabled. Prohibited with tetracycline class, than mycophenolate, bacitracin zinc, vinjigamycin compatibility.

          Specifications: 25kg / bag


          Shading, sealed, dry place preservation.

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