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product name:Good wireless (multi-functional additives), abamectin B2

1.Fertilizer to add the end of fertilization: According to the amount of 1-2 kg / mu, mixed to add
????????????? Red fertilizer: According to the amount of 1-2 kg / mu, as appropriate
2.Add pesticide pesticide (red type): 1-2 kg based on the amount of the product added to the present with the principle of distribution.
3.Ditch Shi Shi can be based on the characteristics of different crops, mixed with soil, fertilizer use, to the distribution of pharmaceutical uniform, application site covering the roots and new roots root principle, the amount can refer to the first item in this table.
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    Avermectin organic fertilizer, Xing Bo Chong fertilizer, avermectin
    Avermectin organic fertilizer, Xing Bo Chong fertilizer, avermectin
    Specifications: 10g * 600 bags / barrel 50g * 100 bags / barrel 100g * 50 bags / barrel
    Pacomycin (multi-functional additives)
    Pacomycin (multi-functional additives)
    使用方法:$1.肥料添加 底施肥:根据本品用量2.5—5公斤/亩,混合添加$ 冲施肥:根据本品用量2.5—5公斤/亩,酌情添加 $2.农药添加 农药(冲施型):依据本品用量2.5—5公斤添加,以现配现用为原则。$3.沟施穴施 可根据不同作物的特点,采用拌土,拌肥的方式使用,以药剂分布均匀,施药位置覆盖毛细根和新生根为原则,用量可参照本表第1项。$4.滴灌微灌 为保证药剂的充分溶解需进行二次稀释,再配制药液使用,根据作物的密植程度和不同的生长时期,参照亩用量2.5—5公斤使用。